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    Zhejiang Wanglong Orbit Transport Equipment Co.,Ltd is a science and technology innovation enterprise established in January 2007. Adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality first" principle technology research, marketing channels, design, development, manufacturing of electrified railway, urban rail transit, widely used in existing railway electrification line transformation and the new construction and urban rail transit road construction, enjoys a good reputation in the industry.
    Company"s existing staff of more than 50 people, engineering and technical personnel more than 250 people, professional technology covering electrical, polymer materials, machinery, automation, instrumentation and other fields, the company covers an area of ten thousand square meters, with the provincial rail transportation high-tech research and development center, CNC manufacturing center, material processing line, assembly test center, etc.. Equipped with CNC machining equipment, large-scale molding machine, material surface treatment line, assembly line, torsion, bending, stretching computer control testing machine, computer control contact wire wear, fatigue vibration test rig, power frequency withstand voltage test rig and other advanced manufacturing and testing equipment.
    Company except with the same investment group owned Jiaojiang Haimen Wanlong rubber seals Co., Ltd. resource sharing, and Shanghai Jiaotong University polymer materials research, Tongji University Railway and urban rail transportation research, the Third Research Design Institute of China Railway, iron electrification survey and Design Rese..
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